Reny, 51 years old, Tampico, Mexico



51 years old

Tampico, Mexico

About Me:

WHO IS THE HERO? In this journey when searching of love who really is the hero in one couple? In this times, ladies have the power of the first step. Since old times they have the last word: Yes or Not. I know who I am, no better, no worst, only unique. If I see my own path from my ego, I am hero to save u from ur loneliness, from ur broken dreams and to heal ur heart. If u see me from ur yourself, u will understand my need of love, my material lackings or my soft inner world and u will become in my personal savior. If there are good match and commitment, success will arrive in our team's life. In the wonderful story of one happy couple, where is the hero? him or her? In the daily flow of the feelings, thoughts, actions, kisses, hugs, sights, touches, silents, who in reality is the hero? Hero is love because is more than a feeling or action. Love it's the breath, it's the fire coming from heaven that elevate us to universal levels of deepest joy ever. Do u dare say love is the hero?



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