Winifred, 45 years old, Miramichi, Canada



45 years old Straight

Miramichi, Canada

About Me:

I’m independent and I know that scares a lot of you but life’s made me that way. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a knight come along and take care of things. Until then I’ll do just fine. The good news is I don’t NEED a man to help me. I WANT a man to be my friend, someone to share fun times with and be there for each other when times aren’t so great.



Prince Morlue 24 ,

New Yekepa, Liberia

Reny 51 ,

Tampico, Mexico

Emmanuel 31 ,

Ikeja, Nigeria

Martha 35 ,

Miramichi, Canada

Winifred 45 ,

Miramichi, Canada

Phyllis 39 ,

Eden Prairie, USA

Kumz 26 ,

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Vera 42 ,

Abuja, Nigeria

Mona 43 ,

Carletonville, South Africa

Eleanor 43 ,

Heidelberg, South Africa

Oscar 28 ,

Lilongwe, Malawi